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Disposal of Batteries…..

Dartford Borough Council (DBC) delivered a “Refuse and Recycling” update leaflet to all households.
This advises that batteries should be put in the green bin.

We believe this is incorrect and contradicts what other councils and scientists advise, and that batteries should never be disposed of in either your green or grey bin. Batteries contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals, and if disposed of in landfill cause soil and water contamination that is harmful to animals, humans and the environment. If they are incinerated poisonous gases can be released.
Legislation makes battery manufacturers and retailers finance the recycling of batteries.
Additionally all batteries and their packaging sold here carry a logo showing that batteries shouldn’t be disposed of with the rubbish.

When challenged, DBC stood by its advice and stated that it was acceptable to put them in the bin, but agreed it would be better if they were recycled.

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